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I am finally back at school and sitting in a room with some of my best friends!! Life is GOOD.  Presley, Alex, and SK are all here with me and we are just enjoying life.  It is super wonderful.  Pres and Alex and I all drove around in Presley’s new mustang convertible for about 45 minutes tonight with loud music and an impressive bass.  Preseason is going well, but it is very tiring.  School starts Wednesday, and then our first tournament is this weekend!  SO EXCITED.  GO PANTHERS #fakeittillyamakeit

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So I really want some good music, but I have no idea what I want.  I just know that I am really antsy about this and have no idea why.  

Also, this past weekend was my last weekend home of the summer :(

This makes me sad and happy.  It makes me sad because it means school is coming soon and I am really going to miss my mommy and daddy and pets.  I am happy because I am ready to play volleyball and be back at school (and not to mention DONE with babysitting.  I highly recommend not having children unless you’re in a stable relationship and are so sure about it.  They are annoying no matter how cute.)

This weekend I am going to school to help with a volleyball camp. 

The next weekend I am going to Chattanooga to go to Heather’s Cotton Ball.  I am excited, yet very nervous because those things make me nervous.  I don’t enjoy lots of people dressed up and acting formal.  I like a little craziness. 

The next weekend is Birmingham for one night to celebrate 21 years olds and then off to Atlanta to celebrate 80 yr olds (Grandmother Gran).  

FInally, the last weekend which is the one I am most excited about.  I am mostly excited about that Thursday night because SISSY IS COMING HOME!! YES.  Could not be more excited to see my sister.  I miss her and all of her greatness.  


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It’s Been Awhile

Hello!! I am so sorry that I have not blogged in so long.  I have been at the beach all week long!  I went with most of my family and my friend Sarah came along.  It is always interesting when my entire family gets together.  We went to Fripp Island and had a house right on the beach!  It was delightful!  One of the nights Sarah, my mom, and me made a low country boil that was delicious!  We also made some pretty good fajitas!!  It was all so very delicious.  I was definitely impressed with my cooking skills!  I got lots and lots of sun.  Definitely too much in between my chest where I am now blistered and peeling awfully bad.. Jennifer says I have officially ruined my skin.  Oops.  I did not mean to.  But to say the least the beach trip was wonderful and I will be putting up some pictures soon!!

Today upon my arrival home, I finally got updated o my sisters blog also.  I LOVE her blog it makes me happy.  I am so very ready for her to finish up her school in Kansas, but when she finished that, it will mean that I am for sure done with college. And that is scary and I don’t want that to happen.  Just come live in Birmingham with me and Scotty, please Sissy!  Love her so very much!

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Heather’s visit!

So my best friend from school (Heather) just came to visit me!! We did not do anything too exciting, but I had a wonderful time seeing her!  She got to meet all of my precious (crazy) kids I babysit.  That was tiring for the both of us to say the least.  Babysitting makes me consider my future and how many children I actually want.  It is a nice reality check.  Anyways, it was so awesome to see Heather and I cannot wait to live with her next year!  We are going to have a great time.  Hopefully we all survive.  Can’t Wait!!

I also leave Saturday with Sarah and my mommy to go to the beach.  I AM SO EXCITED!  I need some sun in my life. 

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So I do not have much interesting to say.  I got to hang out with some great friends last night!  It was so fun to see them all and hang out for awhile!  Athfest in Athens is a little too crowded for my liking however.  

Anyways, today I met the little boy I will be babysitting for the rest of the summer.  His name is Luke, and I am so excited to be taking care of him! Precious!  He loves cars and talking, so he is very easy to get along with.  

I also made dinner for my family tonight.  We ate a delicious hearty salad!  It was quite enjoyable.  I made it the other night also.  

Lastly, my best friend from school is coming to Athens tomorrow!  Cannot wait to see her!  It should be great fun!  Nothing too entertaining to tell you right now.  Adios muchachos.